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    Contact Official SEGA Support

    Post by Plix on June 27th 2009, 4:11 pm

    If you would like help with a specific issue please visit for assistance. There, you will find helpful Knowledgebase articles with suggestions for common issues. Do a search, because there's a good chance that we have an article to resolve your problem.

    If you cannot find an answer in one of our articles and require one on one assistance from our support representatives, please log in to your SEGA Pass account from the help site and select the “Submit a Ticket” option. Please follow the instructions carefully and provide clear and concise information when opening your ticket. If you don't have a SEGA Pass account, you can create one here:

    Once you’ve opened a ticket we will do our best to address your issue in a timely manner and gather your feedback to resolve large scale issues more efficiently.

    For general assistance with any title from SEGA Europe developer Sports Interactive (Football Manager, NHL Hockey Manager, Championship Manager, Worldwide Soccer Manager), please submit your query at or post at the community forum at

    - For individual support with Sports Interactive title Football Manager Live, please visit and submit your problem.

    For assistance with any title from SEGA Europe developer The Creative Assembly, please visit or, or post at the community forum at

    For assistance with SEGA's Facebook service SEGA PLAY!, head on over to or post in the official feedback and suggestions board at