the hilarity of CTA


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    the hilarity of CTA

    Post by supersonic2010 on December 7th 2010, 9:32 pm

    an unfinished clan (he hasnt been around) ~.~

    called Crimson Tornado Anarchy, has been around for past a month yet and still is unfinished! he really should get back with the program lulz
    whatever, but although me and him are both leaders, HE MAKING THE SITE
    so... meh

    LULZ and the sonic web i made is unfinished, i dunno why i make sites... im a wierdo... anyway i also wanna know, im not good at making sites fresh and use places like webs, forummotion (this) or Vbulletin

    anywhere you guys know to make good sites?

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    Re: the hilarity of CTA

    Post by karkooshy on December 8th 2010, 6:34 pm

    Are you asking for a host?
    Depends if you're looking for free or paid.
    For free, I'd go with forumotion or Zetaboards... although Forumotion is the better option in my opinion... well to tell you the truth I haven't really dealt with any host besides forumotion... I tried to though -_-
    Forumotion is just so simple, so easy to use and so user friendly :)