The religion thread: Attempt...Trois? (I forget.)


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    Re: The religion thread: Attempt...Trois? (I forget.)

    Post by Speedlion on August 9th 2011, 12:51 am

    Mephiles550 wrote:I don't really want to reveal my own religion and I won't bash OR support any other religions shown on this thread. But I'll say this. Even though plenty of kids nowadays are being raising into doing what their parents demand/force them to do, they should be able to decide their own religion. Not have it forced down their throats. Also don't show it off in public and don't make others believe in it unless THEY WANT to. Religion is actually causing much violence nowadays when you look into it. From Muslims to Christians and that "god hates fags" thing I've been seeing to propaganda. People not being able to have friendships or relationships just because of different religious types between the 2 is horrible. People not believing in something just because they cant SEE it isn't a good reason to be honest. I can't see air technically can I? But it exists right? We don't know what happens after death also do we? One religion is heaven or hell another is reincarnation and others believe in there life energy being transferred to earth. Which is it? Do we do one of those or just stare in blackness forever? We don't know what happens after death and that's were most religions believe that is where they will see the beings they worship. After death.

    The only religion I really don't like is moonies. That person who claims to be a reincarnation of Jesus should stop and think of the lives he's ruining. They have to sacrifice most wealth just for this one person who could just be lieing or insane and sell flowers or cakes for their living. Their aren't a lot of smart people in the world. And this retard is just taking advantage of their lives and making them worse. Their are people with potential who turned to moonies and they aren't allowed to even use that potential. Also is it true moonies aren't allowed to choose who their allowed to marry or is that incorrect?

    I'm agreeing one hundred procent to your post!
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    Re: The religion thread: Attempt...Trois? (I forget.)

    Post by Twixie Hushimo on August 9th 2011, 11:03 pm

    Muslim and Jewish, that's me!