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    Post by Twixie Hushimo on October 23rd 2011, 10:24 am

    I know we had this before, but it died out.

    So, did you have any dreams lately? Need some help deciding what they mean? Just feeling like posting them here? Go ahead.

    I had a quite strange dream last night, actually. So there I was in some neon-lighted city. I walk around and after a while I see this oddly-shaped building. I walk up to it and try to turn the doorknob when I realize I'm a cat. Then, I turn into a human (with clothes on, thank God) and I walk in. Then the lady at the front desk is a pony, WTF? They give me a room key, says "No charge for you!", and I realize it's a hotel. Seeing how I'm lost, a free hotel seems pretty interesting. I go up to my room and I see five other girls in there. Three of them are human and two are ponies. I'm utterly confused at this point. Then, they all turn human and walk up to greet me. "Hi!" the first one said. "I'm Alice. Do you want to stay with us?"

    "Sure...by the way, I'm Elaine."

    All the girls smile at me and I walk inside. It turns out that they are all friends that have family that lives around here, but they wanted a weekend away where they could just be bronies.

    "I am so not going to fit in around here," I say.

    "Why not?" asks the smallest one.

    "Well, because I've only watched three episodes!"

    "That's fine, we've got a computer right here! We can have a marathon!" said a girl about two years younger than me.

    Someone brought over a computer and set it in front of me, but suddenly it looked pixelated and the screen was blank and gray.


    "Right, I forgot. Computers don't work here because this is an MMORPG."

    "[i]What{/i]? I'm inside a video game?"


    And then the door burst open and these two girls ran in. They looked a year or two older than I was. Everyone stood up and followed the girls. But then, when we were out on the balcony, I could see my dad walking around the city. "I have to go! I can't be seen around bronies, he'll think I'm insane forever!"

    So all of us ran downstairs, double checked that we were perfectly human, we ran a couple blocks down and ran into a Jamba Juice where we all bought smoothies. As my dad walked by, he waved to us and kept going. We left to walk, talk, and sip our smoothies when suddenly I woke up with Comet stepping on my face.