What's The Worst Website On The Internet?


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    Re: What's The Worst Website On The Internet?

    Post by Jmh on August 6th 2012, 4:07 pm

    TV Tropes (Not the actual main site, but the forums).

    Re: What's The Worst Website On The Internet?

    Post by Guest on August 6th 2012, 6:00 pm

    1. SA2 forums

    B. icetech forums.

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    Re: What's The Worst Website On The Internet?

    Post by 84 on August 6th 2012, 6:22 pm

    Any website that has been on the internet at one point in time .


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    Re: What's The Worst Website On The Internet?

    Post by iHawk on August 6th 2012, 11:15 pm

    Alice Twilight wrote:
    iHawk wrote:
    It's pretty boring, a lot of fun threads get locked for not being serious

    members are okay, but if you keep arguing for a while, they get angry that you don't give up. If you keep on arguing, they'll start bringing profanity into their posts, hoping it'll intimidate you. If you keep on debating, no matter how good your posts are or how many points you actually make, not only will they start cursing even more, but they'll start insulting you as well, and the mods won't care. They can easily go from okay to a raging CoD kid in a matter of seconds

    We have a right to not like ponies. If you complain about them talking about ponies too much, then that gives them to right to give you a strike. If you simply say I don't like ponies and leave it at that, giving the person a strike is just being plain ignorant. Anybody can talk about anything they want, however much they want, but like I said, you shouldn't complain about them talking about something too much

    Roarz is the most immature mod I've ever seen in my life, they curse way too much

    So is Sean. He/She may not curse a lot, but is very mean

    And they'er actually given too much credit for their 'awesome' modding. I once made a picture only post, a mod came in the thread and saw it, gave me a warning, and I never did it again. somebody else makes a picture only post, the mod comes in the exact same hread that it was posted in, and strolls on past it without the person getting a warning

    what the heck type of mess is that?

    But maybe I could forgive them of every single point there- every. single. thing. If they weren't such narcissistic elitists.

    Also, Solkia

    I like how the mods break the rules aswell but god forbid if you break the rules.
    I think Carbo and roarz are both bad I remember saying I don't like Jontron and he pretty much said "I suggest you stop disagreeing with me and agree with my opinion or I'll give you a strike"

    Someone needs to fire these guys and hire new ones who don't let their position get to their head.
    I'm no expert, but that kind of seems like it was sarcasm

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    Re: What's The Worst Website On The Internet?

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