Robocop remake


    Robocop remake

    Post by davless262012 on August 9th 2012, 1:10 pm

    first off im new and this is my first post. i hope this isnt considered a junk or spam posting stuff like this so far this site is awsome and i like it alot :)

    anyways robocop reboot.
    on imdb just type in robocop 2013 it should be right there i cant give a link im new lol

    the orginal one had where he got shotup and got shot in the head the question was did he really die befor they turned him into a robot to me it looked like he was in a coma cause he was having flash backs of his family. when he was in the er getting shots to the chest and getting the heart pounders that is my big question was he dead or in a coma?

    now since there going to remake this it would be cool if thats what really happend was instead of him dying coma whatever he still gets shot up but to the point where he hates being disabled so they turn him into robocop and erase his memories still but this time he finds out he wanted it done after he was shot up.. and still goes after the main bad guiys who did it

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    Re: Robocop remake

    Post by Nuva on August 9th 2012, 1:47 pm


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    I personally have never seen the original, but if they change the ending (if I read your post correctly) then I think fans of the first would be rather upset (fans are notorious for not liking anything new).