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    Post by Zez May 10th 2010, 4:46 pm

    Don't post topics saying you're leaving. If one is made, it will be promptly locked and voided.

    "Any departure threads should be considered spam.

    If it's only temporary, just update your signature or something to say "I'm on vacation, I'll be back on May 4", there's no need to make a thread about yourself that you won't even participate in. If it's an angry "I quit" departure, well, nothing good can possibly come from that."
    - Roterblitz

    "I don't think it's required, and I second what Roterblitz says :)
    Unless you're a member of staff, you shouldn't really create a topic cause you are leaving- IMO.... esp. if it's temporary."
    - karkooshy

    "I don't want a whole forum dedicate to fake departures that only leads to drama." - sykog


    The reason for that is because leaving threads are a joke. Whenever someone says they're leaving they always come back like a week or a day later. I've done it, and almost everyone else has too. I think we've all learned that it's pointless."
    - The Justice Striker

    "Inanities deserve no attention nor recognition." - Gamma The Great

    "And if a staff member leaves for whatever reason, it becomes a site wide issue, so a thread should be made." - SupaSEGA

    "As others have said, departure topics are almost always made to acquire attention, and the OP usually comes back very soon after they make the thread. Also, if a staff member leaves the site, it becomes relevant to the site. This makes the topic more suited to be in Site Discussions or Site News." - Super Racer Z

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