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The Sonic Community Rules

The following rules are intended to make The Sonic Community a respectable and fun place to stay. As long as you follow these rules you should have no trouble with the staff or other members.

The rules may be updated at any time, so please check back once in a while.

    1: Respect

  • Respect others. We do not tolerate hateful, aggressive, derogatory or inflammatory comments towards others. Everyone should feel welcome, regardless of opinion or post count.

  • Staff are there to help. If something about this forum is bothering you, please contact a staff member. Do not falsely report posts or accuse others of doing something they didn't. Reports are not a game, and should be taken seriously.

  • Respect the staff. Do not to attempt to evade bans or other administrative actions. Do not alter any text left by The Sonic Community staff with the intention of being misleading.

2: Spam

  • Do not post anything that might be considered spam.

  • Please stay on topic or bring the discussion back to its original subject whenever possible. If you want to have your own random discussions, that's what the Random Hotel is for.

  • Do not double post, or post meaningless messages merely to improve your post count. This rule does not apply to the forum games section.

  • Do not bump threads without good reason to do so.

  • Do not join this site just to advertise. Any members that join solely to attract members to another site will be banned.

    3: Legibility

  • Post legibly. Aside from not posting in broken English, this means not typing anything that would obfuscate your message's intent. This is so everyone can understand what you are saying.

  • Use proper English. Show some intelligence.

  • These rules are general guidelines and are obviously not able to cover every possible contingency. Do not attempt to find loopholes or bend the truth.

    Use common sense.