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Polygon Redefining Game Journalism With New Sonic Boom Cover Story

July 31st 2014, 8:03 pm by SpeedyBlueDude

Sonic fan art expert rates the pornographic potential for Sonic Boom cast.

"I'm sure there's already porn of Perci right now, I get the gut feeling that I could switch over to Google right now and find about five updates for the Tumblr no sweat. She's definitely the most 'Sonic' of all these characters and I think her design actually really works well in that regard. I understand the various teams involved in Boom are trying to establish their own universe but I appreciate at least one …

[ Full reading ]
An Official Sonic the Hedgehog MOVIE Coming to Theaters Near YOU!

July 30th 2014, 2:20 pm by Sketch Style

I've not seen anyone post about this around here, if I'm wrong let me know, but this is still big news amongst the Sonic fandom. Now, we have Sonic Boom with its game series, and TV series, and another game soon to be added to the franchise. Now we have this:


For those wanting to avoid the article, to which I don't blame you, here:

Sonic the Hedgehog game is finally having its own movie adaptation. Sony Pictures and …

[ Full reading ]
Dream Team

July 28th 2012, 9:48 pm by Zezima

So I'm going to bring back the Dream Team. What is the Dream Team? Essentially the Dream Team is responsible for keeping TSC fresh and updated with Sonic news articles, and other relevant information regarding the gaming development industry, by posting topics to the appropriate forums regularly. Why do you want to join the Dream Team? Anyone who signs up as an official Dream Team member gets bonus rings depending on the quantity and quality of the articles posted, as well as their frequency. …

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