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    Post by Plix April 26th 2009, 10:41 pm

    RubyEclipse@SEGA wrote:Following the week long series of hints on our official Valkyria Twitter, a full set of Valkyria DLC was announced to hit PSN later this spring! It's great news for all of us who are Valkyria fans, as it means both new content for the game and increased buzz and hype about the original title too.

    I mentioned in the blog above that I have some Valkyria merchandise I would like to give out to our fansites as we get closer to the DLC, and you guys responded with a ton of great feedback about your respective communities. Expect to see a familiar face dropping by a few of those to work out some giveaways with our Valkyria figurines and the last of our limited edition Art Books.

    As DLC gets nearer, we're going to keep doing more with Valkyria up to (and even past) DLC launch - including a look at both Valkyria Fan Art and the content you can expect to see in the three different DLC packs. Finally, if you guys have any awesome ideas for fansite contests you'd love to see, you can also post them here for us to see and others to comment on.

    More news on Valkyria DLC to come soon!