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    Same old soup.


    Same old soup. 3qll2

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    Same old soup. Empty Same old soup.

    Post by Pro July 30th 2014, 8:15 pm

    Hey uh... I'm new here. So hey.

    My interests include: long walks on the beach ,nin10doh, sawnic, Call of Nooby and Mountain Dew.
    I'm also an advocate of the, *ahem* #PCMASTERRACE and #TEAM360N0SCOPE


    I'm casually watching and getting into more anime ( dub, sub AND manga, I guess. Gimme some recommendations )

    I have no unique abilities unlike you GENIUS artists and hackers. I do a bit of a hobbyist thing with music though.

    Super Secret Protip: I fancy myself a bit of a gamer if ya didn't know. But let's keep that on the down-low. Nice to meet you all.
    Sketch Style
    Sketch Style

    Same old soup. GOMM8

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    Same old soup. Empty Re: Same old soup.

    Post by Sketch Style July 30th 2014, 9:47 pm

    Wrong sub-forum.