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    Post by Speedhog58 on December 20th 2013, 5:26 pm

    My Sonic game would be about Sonic meeting an alternate version of himself who was the younger Sonic during Sonic Generations, due to Robotnik being removed from his timeline Shadow was never released and the Black Arms took the earth with Sonic and just a few others standing against them

    The two Sonics will have different gameplay styles with normal Sonic's world being rush to the goal and the alternate Sonic's world having a slightly slower pace with speedy sections and much more destruction, Sonic will be able to turn Super Sonic if he collects enough rings and alternate Sonic will be able to turn Dark Sonic if he takes enough damage without dying

    You can play the game from the perspective of both Sonics hopping between worlds and unlock a last story at the end

    Normal timeline hubs

    Station square
    great forest
    eggman's army

    Normal timeline levels

    Downtown dash
    Traffic panic
    Treetop chase
    Forgotten sanctum
    Mountainside warzone
    Sky pursuit
    Zero g circuit
    Decompressed hallways
    (normal) DARK SONIC (alternate) SUPER SHADOW

    Alternate timeline hubs

    angel island
    station square ruins
    the black comet

    Alternate timeline levels

    Race to the temple
    Falling paradise
    Burning city
    Rooftop tumble
    Graveyard decent
    Orbital rush
    Inner comet

    Last story hub

    cosmic interstate

    Last story levels

    Multiverse run
    Cosmic hopper

    Fianal boss



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    Post by dfarmer2001 on July 26th 2014, 8:54 pm

    Cool thanks for the information! :)

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    Post by Valkeerie on August 5th 2014, 8:56 am

    Name: Sonic 5 & Beyond

    Concept: A game that will chronicle the classic Genesis games, as well as tell new stories within their time frame through alternate universes, based on the multiple endings you get in the classic games. There is a new character, Beyond the Dolphin, who has the power to see universes that are parallel to his own, and whose perspective will be used to retell the events we know from the Genesis games (see below who he is)

    Time Frame: Sonic 5 & Beyond will take place between Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and new stories will be told between those games based on this chart -
    What happens here is simple: each branch represents a different ending from a classic game, and the dashed lines represent the universes converging and merging into one. Beyond the Dolphin has the power to merge parallel universes whenever he is in contact with the Chaos Emeralds, based on a few rules:
    - the Chaos Emeralds placement will be overwriten in the destination universe, and the memories of his alternate self as well;
    - if the Time Stones are used instead, he will overwrite their placement in the past, and the memories of his past self.

    Introduction: After Eggman had gotten 6 Chaos Emeralds from South Island (Sonic the Hedgehog's Bad Ending) he headed to West Island to get the last one. Beyond the Dolphin had been watching a parallel universe where Sonic succeeded against Eggman in South Island, and so he decided that the Chaos Emeralds would be better off in that universe. He was holding the last Chaos Emerald, and as Eggman was closing in his position on West Island, he decided to face him to get in contact with the remaining Emeralds, to merge his reality with the one he had been watching. He succeeded and found himself someplace different, but aware that the Chaos Emeralds would be sitting on West Island, right before the events of Sonic 2.

    Who is Beyond?
    Full Name: Beyond the Dolphin
    Age: Unknown
    Strengths: Psychic Hover (because he can't run) and Multiverse Sonar (he can see branching paths for every choice made)
    Weakness: Heat and noise (it interferes with his sonar)

    Description: He has a dolphin's bottle nose and dorsal fin, the latter coming out of the back of his head, which extends and aligns with his body whenever it is tilted for a swimming position. He also has a "tail" instead of legs, and his mittens resemble a dolphin's flippers. The mark on his torso indicates the male gender -
    Super Racer Z
    Super Racer Z

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    Post by Super Racer Z on August 5th 2014, 9:45 pm

    Title: Sanic der Headhog

    This would be a next-generation reboot of the Sanic franchise. You would play as all of Sanic der Headhog's friends, including Kilometer "Talis" Prowler, Knackels der Enchihuahua, Ami der Headhog, Biggs da Cattle, Sliver der Headhog, Blasé da Cattle, Shady der Headhog, Christ Thornberry, Rude da Bat, Crème der Robot, Chap and Prof. Cucumber, and more. You would go on exciting adventures around the Solar System, doing things like fishing, kart racing, rhythm game dancing and singing, card games, rail shooting, emerald hunting in libraries with a stealth element, bowling, paint drying, everything you could ever want to do in your attempts to stop the evil Dr. Emuman from roboticizing the princess of Salmonella, Elijah. The character designs would all be made more lanky to take advantage of the new hardware, and all of the characters would be wearing scarfs and athletic tape to protect themselves from the harsh environments of space. All of the music featured in the game would have strong Europop influences, utilizing the classic synth effects from Sanic der Headhog 4.

    Some levels would include:
    Surreptitious Cove Zone (One of the fishing levels.)
    Luxury Library Zone (Because of magical gem decorations, there is no radar for the emerald hunting.)
    Reprehensive Raceway Zone
    Happenin' Dance Zone
    Crystal Card Zone
    Superfluous Sanctuary Zone (One of the paint drying levels.)
    Anguishing Alley Zone (One of the rail shooter levels.)
    Backflip Bowling Zone
    Valiant Vocal Zone (The QTE singing level, complete with Europop karaoke mode unlockables.)

    Please support the official release.

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    Post by preadatordetector on August 12th 2014, 1:03 am

    84 wrote:Sorry.

    Here are bits of my idea for a Sonic game:
    -You play as Big the Cat for 99% of the game!
    -Two hundred all new fishing stages!
    -Dynamic rods that take damage!
    -Fishing Shop: Buy new rods!
    ~Sonic Rod: Fast reel speed
    ~Tails Rod: Choose where your line lands
    ~Knuckles Rod: Extra strength, extra sturdy
    ~Shadow Rod: Fast reel speed (but cooler)
    ~Terrible Rod: Catch rate is incredibly low... but it never breaks
    ~Amazing Rod: Catch rate is incredibly high... but it breaks often
    ~And Many More!

    More details coming soon!

    I'd make the Sonic Rod have less range than all of the others, and the Shadow Rod have more. The Sonic Rod would also be a hyperspecialized rod that mostly gets unmatched speed at the cost of range.

    The Tails Rod would also be able to go to lower depths more easily, and the Knuckles Rod would be more balanced in terms of range, control and fish value than the more specialized ones.


    I have a few game ideas, and have made threads around new sonic games. Check one of them out: (It's still on TESCIA.)

    There was a lot of negativity around here...

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